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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  June 8, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm keikichi haneda in tokyo with the latest at this hour. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is set to express his resolve at the g-8 summit next week to steadily implement his economic policies. the summit will be held on june 17th and 18th in northern ireland. abe plans to introduce japan's growth strategies as well as his administration's basic economic and fiscal policies. the prime minister will explain how the economic revitalization of japan can also help stabilize the global economy.
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this year's g-8 summit will be held amid the sluggish global economic recovery. g-8 leaders are expected to discuss coordinating policies to promote international trade and investment. they are also expected to discuss how businesses are making use of tax havens. there are growing calls for international rules to address the issue of corporate tax evasion. japan's prime minister says the economy is steadily improving and it's all thanks to his initiatives. abe made a comment in front of a crowd in tokyo on saturday afternoon. >> translator: both production and consumption are showing signs of improvement from a year ago. the ratio of jobs to job seekers has recovered to where it was before the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. the economy is steadily improving.
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>> the prime minister says he'll continue to pursue what he calls his three arrow economic strategy. thisser monetary easing, fiscal spending, and measures to promote growth. >> translator: it's true many people are still not feeling the effects of an economic recovery. some people complain that only big companies are enjoying better conditions. it may take a little more time for the positive results to trickle down to consumers. but if we give up now, things will only go back to where they were. political instability now would ruin all efforts. i'm confident that our government is moving in the right direction. we'll work to pull the country's economy out of its deflationary spiral and get the economy back on a growth track. u.s. president barack obama and chinese president xi jinping have begun their second day of summit talks. the two leaders hope to build a
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new bilateral relationship and tackle global challenges together. the two-day u.s./china summit is being held at the resort near palm springs in the state of california. the two leaders initially met for three and a half hours on friday. obama said holding the summit soon after president xi took office in march signifies the importance of the u.s./china relationship. the u.s. president said he hopes for more extended and informal talks that will lead to a new model of cooperation between the two countries. >> we also have a whole range of challenges on which we have to cooperate from nuclear -- north korea -- or north korea's nuclear and missile programs to proliferation to issues like climate change. the united states and china work together to address issues like cyber security and the protection of intellectual property.
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>> translator: china and the united states should strengthen cooperation and tackle global challenges together. we should also try to build a new super power relationship by acting positively based on a new way of thinking. >> after the meeting on friday, obama told reporters that a common approach for cyber security is going to be increasingly important. xi agreed on the need to resolve security issues quickly but he added that china has also been a victim of cyber attacks. the two leaders are hoping to forge closer personal ties by talking in a more relaxed mood on saturday. the summit talks in the u.s. appear to be having a positive influence on human rights issues back in mainland china. chinese officials granted passports to family members of the blind human rights activist chen guangcheng.
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chen has been living in new york ever since he escaped house arrest in april last year. the activist had accused chinese authorities of forcing pregnant women to undergo abortions. chen said his family members have been harassed and assaulted by officials after he left china. the u.s. government had expressed concern over the issue to chinese authorities. chen's brother guangfu told nhk in a full interview on friday that recently the harassment had stopped. guangfu said he and his mother received passports on friday and they intend to travel to the united states to meet chen. he explained that chinese authorities had refused to issue the passports up until the end of last month. chinese police officers are investigating a fatal bus fire on friday that killed dozens of passengers. they suspect it was a suicidal
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attack by an aggrieved man. 47 people were killed and 34 injured in the southern city of xiamen. they were packed on an express bus when it burst into flames. a state reporter said police decided it was arson when they found the traces of gasoline. the bus ran on diesel. a man in his 50s was killed in the fire. officers reportedly found the suicide note at his home. local reporters quoted a relative who said officials ignored the man's request for social security. they suggested he struck to vent his grievances. former south african president nelson mandela is back in hospital. the 94-year-old was readmitted after suffering from a recurrence of a lung infection. the president's office says mandela was taken to hospital early saturday morning after the
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state of his health began to deteriorate. >> he's in the hospital in pretoria now. the doctors report as of this morning that his condition is serious, but he's stable. >> mandela has been hospitalized on several occasions in the past year. in december he spent nearly three weeks in a clinic for lung infection and to have gallstones removed. he was again hospitalized for ten days in march when the lung infection flared up again. he has not appeared in public since south africa hosted the 2010 world cup football finals. up next, the world weather forecast.
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festivals are a common occurrence in japan throughout the year.
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but there's one in the northeast that stands out from the others. it's chauled chagu chagu umakko and it's held in honor of the animals that make farm life a whole lot easier. the people of the village in iowaty prefecture have been holding the festival every year for the past several hundred years. it's to show their appreciation to their horses which they use to help in the rice paddies. the name chagu chagu comes from the sound of the bells hanging from the animals' necks. a team of 90 horses left the shat rinne in a village on saturday morning. the parade wound its way through the rice paddies for abo3 kilometers before reaching another shrine in morioka city. the procession took about four hours which gave locals enough time to get out and enjoy the
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par r5id. and that's all for this hour on "newsline." i'm keikichi haneda. thanks for joining us.
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